We want to generate confidence in your purchasing process that is why we invite you to review the following TESTIMONIES in which you can find many of our HAPPY PARENTS as well as some of our Wrinkly English Bulldog Puppies that are now Famous on Social Networks with Thousands of followers. They placed their trust and are now part of the WRINKLY BULLDOGS FAMILY!

Feel free to contact them and ask for some references about our business.

Jason 0.
Pasadena, CA

“Can’t say enough good things about Wrinkly Bulldogs. We have 3 Bulldogs from them and are madly in love with our pups. They make the whole experience very easy for us and are great about communicating with when we pick up the pups. We got #3 on Christmas Day last year so they even played Santa Clause. Thank you for taking such good care of your puppies, for being great to work with, and for the 3 wrinkly babies I kiss on the mouth everyday! They make us laugh and make this life a whole lot better. Thank you!”

Aquita DeJarnette
Plano, TX

“I purchased my first dog from WrinklyBulldogs in 2019 after extensive research about the bulldog breed. The health and quality of the Wrinkly Bulldogs is top tier. My Rainbow aka “Blue” has been described as handsome and lovable by all who meet him. His distinctive coloring rare blue fawn, great disposition, and playful spirit all are by products of great breeding! I highly recommend Wrinkly Bulldogs if you are looking for a healthy, quality bulldog!”

Gustavo Concha
Hanover, New Jersey

“I highly recommend wrinkly bulldogs for your pursuit of the perfect fur baby. 4 years ago, my husband and I decided to expand our family with a puppy bulldog. We knew exactly what we wanted, a fawn and white male english bulldog. After looking around in our state and not finding what we wanted, we came across this instagram account and oh boy! they had so many options and we found our perfect little puppy. They were so good, reliable, communicative and in just a few weeks (when he was old enough), we became a family of three. We use their nanny service which flew him from Miami to NJ. It was a very smooth and easy transaction. Our baby is now 4 years old, gorgeous and super healthy (literally our vet last month said he was the healthiest bulldog in Miami, lol). When we are ready to expand to become a family of four, we will certainly use wrinkly bulldogs again!”

Paola S.
Davenport, FL

“THE BEST BREEDER in town for English Bulldogs. We got our baby girl back in 2019 and they were very professional and kept the communication goin. They also sent us pictures and videos with updates on our girl before she came to her forever home. 200% recommended. Will be getting another one from them for sure”

Wrinkly Rose

Our favorite fashionista and super model! We remember mommy wanting her as a Birthday gift in July 2017 and we are so happy she let us be a part of this life long memory and loving journey. 

Wrinkly Winston

With over 40,000 followers on Instagram  this is one of our more famous Wrinkly Nuggets! Mom and Dad do an amazing job at capturing all of Winston’s funny, fun and lazy moments. His daddy is a Veteran and we are so thankful for his service as we are with all our veterans so don’t forget to ask about our military discount when joining our Wrinkly Bulldog family. Follow Wrinkly Winston on Instagram IG @winston_da_potato


Nutmeg joined her family in January 2018, her mommy is one of the most creative and talented photographers we’ve ever seen, she not only captures these perfect images of Wrinkly Nutmeg but she also finds a way to bring them into what we call a never seen before masterpiece.

Follow her IG @nutmegthebulldog to see what we are talking about.


El Chapo joined his Family in June 2017. You can catch this fat, wrinkly boy strolling the streets of Chicago in his fancy stroller or follow him on IG @el_chapo_gordo to see his fun adventures and cute personality.


Wrinkly Bobby Birkin joined his family in September 2017. We’ll never forget when mommy first laid eyes on him, it was love at first sight, LITERALLY. Follow Instagram @bobbybirkin to see a real life love story come true.


Wrinkly Jerry and Wrinkly Jasmine, where do we begin……these two babies are the true definition of double trouble and we love it! They were born August 2016 and have been living their best life ever since, Follow @wrinklyjerry to see their fun adventures at the beach and how they like to play and run in the snow. They are a perfect addition to the Petrella family.


This East Coast wrinkly nugget joined his mom in December of 2020, we don’t know whose eyes lit up more, mommy’s or Porkchops. Follow Instagram @pork_chop_the_bully to see his entire journey home from beginning to end. You’ll also see what we mean when we say “VIP hand delivery nanny service”.


Wrinkly Trapper and Snow are babies to two famous Olympian parents that keep them busy and in shape. They first started with Wrinkly Trapper and then decided Trapper needed a partner in crime and added Wrinkly Snow to the family, Follow them on Instagram @wrinklytrapperandsnow to see this beautiful family and their outdoor adventures.


Wrinkly Diesel was born March of 2017 he lives in Jacksonville, North Carolina. He loves to stretch under his Daddy’s motorcycle and loves giving his mamma kisses. Follow his Instagram @wrinklydieselbaker to see this loving stud with his parents.


Wrinkly Gordo joined his forever family in July of 2018 and they have been inseparable ever since. Wherever Mom and Dad go, Wrinkly Gordo is right there, you can catch him at the beach in the water somewhere or on the couch taking long naps. Follow him on Instagram @growingupgordo to see this Beach babes adventures.


Meet Wrinkly Figaro AKA @thereelbulldog. Wrinkly Figaro joined his forever family in 2018 and has been living his best life ever since. Wrinkly Figaro loves his baby human brother and can always be seen playing with him on his parents Instagram. Follow IG @thereelbulldog to see the best Bulldog Nanny ever! We just can’t enough of this duo

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